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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My First Blog

The stars shine agressively bright in the night, like no time before, but still the night felt as dark as it can be, and in my list, one of the most erie nights in existence. The moon covered by the blanket clouds, the trees barely moved by the faint wind rushing their leaves. The feeling that something was about to happen was unbearable, it screamed in my forehead, but still I moved on, swiftly as could, not faltered by even the slightest breeze freezing my face. As the moon continued to be tied to that endless blanket of clouds rushing in the wind but never ending, eternally bonded with the clouds, eternally touched by the breeze that could reach even the highest reach and the deepest deep, as deep as to my bone. My uneasy breath stopped, getting fainter and fainter by the second. My rapid pounding heart faltered, the feeling that any second my heart would break through my chest... A twig crumbles under pressure, I hear it, sense it, but it didn't break by any pressure. Finnaly I found the word. Scared. Chilled, my body was slowly fainting and cramping, every muscle of mine faught a perilous fight with my brain, for one wanted to await, the other wanted to cringe and cramp to such an unreal possition, as if to try to dissapear... A shadow, not in one place, the shadow knew how to move, gracely, and flowlessly. The shadow grew nearer and nearer... I awaited this, I close my eyes. Wait for death to reach me and life to leave me...


  1. If time is an illusion, is our life, based on time, also an illusion? Have you ever thought the posibility that just before I wrote this there is a parallel world wich wrote this five seconds ago an another parallel world who is starting to write the sentece I just wrote; but then, if that were possibly true: which one of all the parallel worlds is the original? Those are the types questions that haunt me, then again, the only thing I can do is write about them...

  2. I stare at the mirror, and wonder how would it feel to have no reflection...

  3. aawww i cant overfeed the fishes *pissed*