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Sunday, March 27, 2011


What has happened to love? Such a sweet word, and a sweeter meaning stained by our plague. What happened to sappy letters and honeyed verses? Death for love, and delightful rhymes? What has happened to these definitions of love? Harmonious serenades, charming sonnets, and beloved gallantry? All that is missing, many take it as "sappy" and just call that "cheesy" but to some, it matters... It has become such a horrendous, cruel world to live in, oh how I wish life were like books! What has happened to the "ay me" and "these violent delights have violent ends"? It is hard to imagine a love like Romeo and Juliet's in such a hermetic world! We have become selfish and arrogant, and there seems to be no room for love anymore. Oh how I wish to stay in my dreams and delight more in books, live in my dreams and books and plays, not in this cheerless, gloomy, hopeless world, where love is bought not earned, where love is cheap, not earnest... Why was I born on Earth? Couldn't I have been born in a book, just as a creative idea from a pure mind, just an idea like Juliet, why I would've enjoyed it much more than the love we get here on Earth.
-Sincerely, Damsel in distress ( I know it sounds unoriginal, do I care?)

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