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Sunday, December 12, 2010

As birds sing and the sun fades, I watch my dreams also fade away, since it is night, and that is when fears come alive. Birds stop singing, the trees stop moving. All is still, and remains so. Stars shine bright, but even them can't stop the monster from coming. All my dreams, they are gone. All my fear is awake. The door chimes the horrible sound of suspense, I cover my eyes. The steps are felt closer each second. The clock strikes 9:00. Her shoes make the sound of a monster. The sound stops, I open my eyes. Her long claw-like nails painted red, blood's color. Her wicked smile and crooked teeth, wide blue eager full eyes. She is a monster indeed, coming to rip away my dreams, my immaculate smile, my innocent world, and turn everything to horror. I am the mature one here, and I have decided to communicate. "What do you want, mother?" I say. "Isabella, sweetie, it's bedtime, want me to turn off the lights?"
"I'll do it myself mom."
"Okay sweetie, have a good night, and go to sleep."
Those last words pounded on my head one too many times. Again, and again, every single night. That monster hasn't given up and we remain friends by day, enemies by night, or by bedtime.

-This was written by me Giannina, but doesn't express my points of view of things.

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