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Monday, December 20, 2010

Midnight Dream

I woke up, but nobody noticed, I got out of bed, and not a leaf trembled. I am looking for something, but I don't know what is, that's all I recall knowing at that time.I tried to leave the house, and when I opened the door I noticed it was snowing, in a tropical island? At least that's where I was supposed to be, that was my home, a tropical island, but how, then could it be snowing? It was strange indeed but I did not question the fact, and I moved on, not looking back, not thinking of my destination, carelessly barefooted in snow, but I didn't feel cold, in fact, I didn't feel anything. I kept my speed and determination to move on, after a while I felt something, oddly strange in the sea of nothingness I felt. When I turned, I see a house's lights on, which seemed strange considering the time it was in my almost lost consciousness of time. I do a full turn and walk toward the house, I seemed so accustomed by all this odd things happening around me that I didn't bother to ask why I was heading there. I open the door and walk in, what I found was horrible, the sight brought shivers down my spine. There was a woman, almost decapitated in the floor, eyelids down, and a little girl tied up to a tables's legs, on top of the table was a knife, and the girl was shaking her head telling me to leave before it was "Oh so late" and as she said this, I did the contrary, I entered. I heard someone ransacking rooms up above me and I did the best I could to look for a weapon and so I chose a hot iron in one hand and a metal broomstick in the other, and, just in case, a gun I'd found nearby which I placed just beside me. I awaited beside the stairs, my heart pounded like a car's engine at full speed when I heard IT coming down. Just as I saw the black mask approaching, I held my weapons up high and so, I swung the broomstick 3 times till IT dropped on the floor unconscious and to make sure, I placed the hot iron on It for 3 second so he would be shocked for a minute or two, or until I called the cops. I took the gun and ran for the table, I then freed the girl and called the cops all while the girl hung on my hands. When the cops arrived they took the criminal (which was unconscious) handcuffed to the hospital. They interviewed me with cameras and all, but all I was capable of was the automatic reactions like telling the whole story again or hugging the girl. After a while the cops asked me if I needed a car ride home and I said that I could walk to my home, they agreed because the sun had come up already. I walked, and walked till I could no more and then I sat. I put my hands over my face and I tried to think about it all, but I couldn't. When I noticed I was, then, in front of my house. I ran to it and came in, I said hi but no one answered, I gave a kiss to my dad but his eyes were glued on the T.V. screen. That creeped me out, so I went to my room, when I got there, I saw, myself. I tried to sit down but my eyes shut and when I opened them, I was lying down, I got up and went downstairs, my mom said "You were very tired weren't ya?" I just answered with a mere "mhm" When I began to feel everything again my dad called us to the living room. He wanted us to see a news in the tv, when I noticed something that threw shivers down my spine, I realized that I was looking at the same girl and at the same dead woman and at the same injured criminal, and, at myself talking! The headlines were:

'News: A little girl saved from her crazed ex-father before being decapitated like her mother'

My dad said "Wow Lillian, she looks like you but a whole lot paler, and braver" and I wasn't planning on telling anyone about my off body incident.


  1. that was intresting where did you get the inspiration to write that?

  2. Scifi is actually an easy topic for me :) but if I wish inspiration for scifi, I just read about science, the body, the earth, something will come to mind, like: a guy who can bring objects from his dreams to life, as easy as that and I just thought of it, I shall write that down immediately, jiji!