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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I turn the page, each word guides me to a world of possibilities, a whole new world... The book guides me, it is my muse of imagination, my eyes follow the contours of each letter, with flow and ease, my mid drifts... I am Lucy, no... I am Zanna, David, Kailar... Grockel? I am in the Arctic... In the forests... The possibility of being... Of becoming... Every page I come closer to an end, to a finish, there is no way of morphing back to reality unchanged, one has become the character, one has felt it's sorrows and it's happiness, one has gone were never before they thought possible, one has achieved... To only notice it was a trap, a mischievous imagination, a good book, all together, have brought upon you this pain... The pain of leaving a world of dreams, to become one in a world of lost wishes....

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